Cody Mischel

PhD Candidate - UIC


CHE 440 Non-Newtonian Fluids

Fluid mechanics and transport processes involving non-Newtonian fluids. Purely viscous and viscoelastic behavior. Viscometric functions and rheometry. Heat and mass transfer in non-Newtonian fluids.

CHE 410 Transport Phenomena

Continuum theory of momentum, energy, and mass transfer. Viscous behavior of fluids. Laminar and turbulent flow. Thermal conduction and convection, diffusion and coupled operations.

CHE 512 Microhydrodynamics

Theoretical and numerical fluid mechanics of microstructure: potential flow and virtual mass, quasistatic versus transient Stokes flow, integral theorems, multipole expansions, singularity solutions, fluctuations, and current applications.

CHE 457 Colloidal and Interfacial Phenomena

Interfacial phenomena in practice: soap bubbles, emulsions, foams, detergents; surface tension driven flows, Marangoni effect; interfacial rheology; colloids, emulsions, 3D-printing; interfacial thermodynamics, biological interfaces.

MATH 580 Mathematics of Fluid Mechanics

Development of concepts and techniques used in mathematical models of fluid motions. Euler and Navier Stokes equations. Vorticity and vortex motion. Waves and instabilities. Viscous fluids and boundary layers. Asymptotic methods.

CHE 445 Analytical Methods for ChE

Advanced mathematical techniques in chemical engineering. Includes infinite series in thermodynamic perturbation theory; Laplace transforms in process control; chemical diffusion transport theories and differential equations.

CHE 431 Numerical Methods in ChE

Advance numerical methods to the solution of complex and non-linear mathematical problems in chemical engineering; includes methods to solve problems arising in phase and chemical reaction equilibria, chemical kinetics, and transport.

MCS 571 Numerical Methods for PDEs

Numerical analysis of Finite Difference methods for PDE of mathematical physics: Wave, heat, and Laplace equations. Introduction to numerical analysis of the Finite Element method.

CHE 527 Adv. Chemical Reaction Eng.

Multiplicities in chemically reacting systems nonideal reactors: Effects of residence time distribution and mixing history. Heterogeneous noncatalytic reactions: gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, and solid-fluid systems.

CHE 501 Advanced Thermodynamics

Laws of thermodynamics. General conditions for equilibrium and stability. Thermodynamic potentials. Phase transition and critical phenomena. Principle of irreversible thermodynamics, Onsager's fundamental theorem and engineering applications.

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